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about us

The advocate for Social Justics and Development (ASJD) is a non-government and no-profit making organization of Sierra Leone volunteers enagaged in activities that enchance the progress and development of volunerable people particularly women and children around post-war in Sierra Leone: and in fullment of the set standards in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Mission and vision


ASJD is committed to enhancing the capacities of vulnerable groups of persons in rural communities to enable them take the lead in promoting both their personal and collective development through economic empowerment, advocacy, collaboration, research, skills development etc. in a bid to promote access to social justice for a


ASJD envisages a violent free society where social justice, sustainable peace and development is a way of life regardless of age,gender, tribe, political, religious and socio-economic status·Compassion, honesty & devotion

Where we get our funding?

Our funding is through membership contributions, We Implement projects for partnership both local and international NGOs plus government departments.


  1. Community sensitization on legal policies including Gender Acts, Child Rights Acts, HIV&AIDS etc to promote the rights and dignity of women, children and young people
  2. Allocation of Small Grants to promote the socio economic empowerment of women and youths.
  3. Allocation of small grant to Chiefdom education committee (CEC) for school monitoring activities
  4. Development of school clubs that promotes leadership empowerment of young people
  5. Out of court mediation of civil matters
  6. Education- formal and non-formal education establishment of a Vocational skills development centre- K-tech and post training centres to promote self-reliance and employability of young people
  7. Advocacy on environmental issues that relates to illegal and irresponsible mining
  8. Training of District Education Structures- School Management Committees (SMC), Chiefdom Education Committees (CEC) including Senior Educators, Teachers, mothers club, Community Teachers Association (CTA), children`s government
  9. Adult literacy and numeracy training for illiterate adult learners
  10. Advocacy on human security through awareness raising using drama, community outreach, direct engagement of duty bearers, media engagements.
  11. Capacity building on transparency, accountability and participation.
  12. Monitoring on service delivery for local councils
  13. Advocacy and training on Food Security
  14. Agriculture- training on crop production and marketing
  15. Awareness raising on the Mines and Minerals Acts of Sierra Leone


Our partners